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 In the holy land of Utkal, Jayadev, the poet of the Geeta Govinda, was born in a Brahmin village called Kenduvilwa. It was from Jagannath Puri that melodious verses of the Geeta Govinda vibrated to the distant corners of India and fascinated mankind allover the world.

This small village Kenduvilwa is located under Jayadev Panchayat of Balianta Police Station in the erstwhile district of Puri now Khurda. River Prachi, called Ganga of Orissas in the Puranas flows to the north and the sacred Kusabhadra of mythological importance flows in the south, increasing the holiness of the village. The vast extensive shady groves of Kendu and Bilva trees once stretching along the village justified the name Kenduvilva. The village is divided mainly into 3 parts. These are Kenduli, Deuli Kenduli Patna and  Kenduli Sasana.   

On entering the village from the west, the temple of Sri Nrisinghanatha first comes to sight where two beautiful images Laxmi and Nrusimha made of hard black granite stone. Close to the temple, there is a branch of Trimali monastery of Puri.  The village Kenduli was a place of pilgrimage and the elderly people of the area confirm hearing from their great grand parents that the pilgrims from the south came for a visit to this place used to stay at this Tirumala matha. This matha was constructed by Tirumala Ray of Vijayanagara State at 16th century A.D. whose courtpoet was Laxman Suri, who wrote the commentary of Geetagovinda srutiranjani. Legends are also heard that  not very from the monastery on a sacrificial altar, guarded by granite stone pillars on all sides under a neem tree, Jayadev was performing  Yagnas. To commemorate this, the villagers have been performing the yagnas for generations every year on the auspicious day of Aksaya Trutiya.

Narasimha Temple, kenduvilwa Trimali Matha, Kenduvilwa


Inside this temple, there is installed an image of a goddess with hands made of polished black granite stone sitting in Padmasana posture with the seven hooded naga over her head. There is another identical image found in the temple, whose crown necklace, ornaments of the ears and the belt around the waist differ a little from the other. Local people referred to the images as Jageswari and Padmavati from time  immemorial. Padmavati is identified with Laxmi.

Padmavati1   Padmavati Temple   Padmavati2


Lintel of ruined Padmavati Temple

(In the lintel of ruined Padmavati Temple Nabagraha images are carved and below the image  "Jaya Jaya Deva Hare" is inscribed in Debnagari Script. Below the line Gajalaxmi image where two elephants  showering water to Her, was carved which shows the royal symbolic of the Ganga Emperors.)

Sri Jayadev being a devotee of Madhava, so we find Madhava temples near Kenduvilwa village. Because nearby villages were influenced by Madhava culture at that time. So many temples like Baraha-Nrusingha temple, Laxmi-Narayan temple, Madhava temple are found nearby villages.

4-handed Madhava in Madhava Temple at Madhava village near Kenduvilwa Laxmi-Narayan at Chaurasi near Kenduvilwa


We find Dasa Avatars in Madhava temple at Madhava village near Kenduvilwa.

Mastya   Kastapa   Varaha   Narasinha
Bamana   Madhava Temple   Parasurama
Rama   Haladhara   Buddha   Kalki


Varaha   Baraha-Nrusingha temple at  Adasapur close to Kenduvilwa   Nrusingha


Vagdevi Temple at Banrai(old Bandei or Bamadeipur close to Kenduvilwa)

Goddess Vagdevi


Sobhaneswara Saiba Temple at Niali close to Kenduvilwa Nila Saraswati(Tara) Firfira


The Orissa govt. has taken some step for the development of Kenduvilwa village. A beautiful garden named Jayadev Heritage Project is constructed in this village. In this Vatika one can find all the creepers and trees described in Geetagovinda are planted. Near the vatika archeological museum, Panthasala, Jayadeva Handicraft Centre, Jayadeva Handloom Centre is also constructed for visitors.



Inner view of the Heritage Project



Archeological Museum inside the Project at  Kenduvilwa



Archeological Excavation  at  Kenduvilwa


A medicinal garden at Jayadev heritage village to be assistance by Central Medicine Plantation Board, Govt. of India.



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